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Cerveza Minerva is a proudly Mexican company and highly specialized in the production of crafted drinks, that was founded in the heart of Jalisco, with the intention of distinguishing itself for producing highly specialized beer at a fair price point. Our line of 100% malt beers is characterized not only by its thorough artisanal fabrication process, but the highest-ranking quality of its ingredients.


We were born on July, 2003. The original ideas was conceived by Ing. Jesús Briseño who, when traveling to Europe with his father, tasted styles of beer that were not in Mexico. So when finishing university, he decided to start expanding his beer brewing knowledge, taking different courses and certificates to become an expert on the subject. Our first to batches of beer were Kölsch and Viena Styles, which we decided to call: Minerva Colonial and Minerva Viena.


We took our name from La Minerva, the most representative roundabout of the Perla Tapatía. La Minerva es the goddess of wisdom, the arts, and war strategies. She is the patron of artisans. We are not afraid of going against the norms, face the bigger ones, and start revolutions.


We impulse the passion for beer cultura when sharing with our costumers new sensations and experiences when enjoying crafted beer.


To position Cerveza Minerva as an crafted and imported premium beer cultural ambassador internationally, while innovating the brewing industry by creating replicable commercial assets that maintain the essence and values of our brand.


The Beer Festival is the first event of its type in the country. It started in 2007, on the Chapultepec avenue, with a few exhibitors and a great quantity of visitors. The idea behind creating the festival was sharing beer culture with people; to increase their interest for beer and when arriving they could see there is a wider variety that what they are used to. Like the crafter Minerva beers, the goal of the festival is to bring different beer companies together, even the industrialized ones, to strengthen relationships in the industry.

This year is the 10th anniversary. For many years it has happened in the Chivas stadium, and it has 50 exhibitors (industrialized and crafted beer companies, and micro companies) with more than 150 labels from 56 countries. It lasts three days.

In 2016 we received more than 30,000 people, reaffirming the place we have as the most important beer festival in Latin America. It is a fun event to go with family and friends –it has a playground for kids– so it is a healthy and family-oriented festival.


During the first years of Minerva and Jesús Briseño, our director and founder, we looked to diversify the company, and to stabilize it, we looked for Erdinger to start importing their beers, because they couldn’t be found in Mexico. Afterwards we looked for Fuller’s and Delirium, and this way we completed our current catalog, and we exclusively distribute nation-wide.


It started in 2010 with its first location on Los Caballos roundabout. Its main goal is to share beer culture and it was created as a drinking place mainly focused on our brand. It replicated the method international crafted beers have; a place not closed by a duopoly.


Minerva has always spoken without fear to the industrial beer companies and the IEPS, this is why for years it started to fight for a fair tax, leading the antimonopoly movement.

As part of this important battle the Asociación Cervecera de la República Mexicana (ACERMEX) was created, founded by Jesús Briseño and directed by him until a few years ago. ACERMEX es a civil association formed by Mexican beer entrepreneurs that have led this important battle to better the conditions of the industry.

This fight started when a group of craft beer entrepreneurs denounced monopoly practices by the big industrial companies, because of exclusivity contracts they had with restaurants and supermarkets. After intense struggle, in 2012 we got the verdict to distribute crafted beer, with a production of under 100,000 hectoliters a year, in places where beer is sold.

Industrial beer companies are against a fair tax because they will lose millions of dollars of anual revenue; they sell through third parties to pay less taxes. It we were to have a fixed quote, this could not happen.

What ACERMEX and Minerva propose is that IEPS are charged based of the production level, and an open market to all beer companies, through every channel. This is backed up in article 10 of Ley de Federación de Competencia.

The fight for a fixed quote is still on, there is nothing closed, and after many years of working, there have been small changes that make us continue this important battle that will benefit all Mexican beer entrepreneurs.

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